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Diary of a quarantine

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Limited edition of 300 copies signed and numbered; each copy comes along also with a postcard made from a Alessandro's painting.

This book is a collection of images taken during the quarantine months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The photographs portray two lovers at home who have spent three months in Milan, Italy while locked up from March to June 2020. 
"These months have touched each of us in a different way. As an artist, I personally feel that the quarantine has been a great sensory renaissance. It gave me time to slow down and focus on the important things, for my personal and artistic evolution. This diary is a summary of what I have felt in recent months: love, serenity, light-heartedness and lots of creativity. The days flowed quickly, between painting, loving, cooking; without commitments and only with the urge to want to do what made me happy, day by day" - Alessandro Casagrande, Milan, Italy 2020.

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